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The streets and counties listed below are based on data from the period January to June of this year. However, if your street or county is near the top or bubbling under, there is epowerball meaningverything still to play for!

In January, he had accused the media  of asking inappropriate questions and had an angry outburst after being questioned about the murder of an IndiGo airlines executive.

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51 nursing home employees from Australia were celebrating earlier this month after winning a big lottery jackpot. The win will not create a headache for the nursing home as each person’s share was $37,000 AUD (£21,500 approx).powerball meaning All 51 men and women work at the same facility just outside Melbourne. The tickets cost $1.50 each and they ended up with the $1.44m jackpot (or about £580,000). The team of winners consisted of carers, cooks, administrative employees and even managers. An unnamed organiser of the winning group said that they couldn’t wait to deliver the great news to the 51 strong team of employees and did so at the first opportunity.

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